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How does it work?

  • We market Rent to Own homes to buyers who need a little time to fix their credit or save for a down payment.

  • These home buyers are paying to access these listings and are paying to fix their credit... you know they're serious!

  • The result? You move your inventory quickly and have the potential to make double commissions from both the buyer and seller side, for the lease and again if the purchase is finalized.

Why would I want to work with these buyers who don't have good credit or a down payment?

Credit - We work with the nation's leader in credit repair, Lexington Law Firm, to help our clients put a plan in place to fix their credit so they can qualify for a home loan when their lease is up.

Down Payment - Typically, with a rent to own or lease option, every month a portion of the rent goes towards the down payment, as long as the buyer purchases the home at the lease term. If they don't move forward with the purchase, your sellers will keep that money at the end of the lease. This is also known as "rent-credit"

We have thousands of new buyers every day, but we don't have enough inventory because the homes are moving so fast! We can help you move these homes faster than you thought possible! works with the top Rent-To-Own companies in the industry and with over 35,000 new visitors per day, you'll get highly targeted traffic for these unique listing sites.

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  • Absolutely NO cost
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  • Combined commission potential

For your clients:

Give them the freedom to move without having to wait months for their homes to sell. They can cover their mortgage payments with the rent and have a potential sale in 12-24 months and if the buyers don't purchase, enjoy the benefits of the current state of the economy with increasing home prices and keeping the rent credit!

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